Welcome to CoolHYiP – Must Read

Welcome to Cool High Yield Investment Programs (HYiP)

Out here we compile day to day info about various schemes running which gives high yield for your investments. High yield very handsomely pays off the return of investment (ROI) sometimes as much as 400% to 500% within a month, but if you have too much at stake at one scheme know that you are at high risk of loosing money all at once since most of HYiP thrive on newer deposits in order to pay the earlier payments, when this threshold goes into negative, i.e., withdrawals are more than deposits then there is high chance of any HYiP going down.

Few important things to know ;

  • No matter how stable an HYiP looks, never put all your money in one scheme, it should not be more than 10% of your investment portfolio.
  • If you think longer the HYiP is running more stable it is, you are wrong.
  • Always begin with smaller & split investments with any HYiP, in first transaction you will know money is reflecting, and how well HYiP Site’s technical backend is.
  • Diversify your portfolio between daily paying & fixed one time payments, there are also schemes which pay Daily forever.
  • Withdrawal most of the time have minimum condition, in this case if you have too little a money invested, your withdrawal wont happen since you have too less money in your account. For example, if $20 is deposited for daily profit of $0.5, withdrawal wont happen till it is $250 accumulated.

More later, we will keep adding as and when we know a thing!

Have a profitable day.